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Can Seniors With Diabetes Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance medical exam not required is a policy perfect for seniors who have diabetes. It offers life coverage which can cover important last expenses like funerals. It can also provide financial security for your loved ones. No medical exam life insurance features a simple underwriting process and it is accessible to people who have diabetes.

diabetes2The underwriting process

In order to get life insurance, applicants have to go through a process called underwriting. This process examines their health condition and determines rates accordingly to the risk each candidate poses for the agency. Agencies want to make sure that their clients are in no risk of dying, because if they do, the company will lose a lot of money on insurance payouts.

Diabetes is a terminal disease which affects the liver, causing serious medical problems. Since people who have diabetes are in the risk of dying and have a shorter lifespan, agencies will increases rate. Sometimes, people with diabetes cannot get coverage if their illness is too developed and the risk of insuring them is too great for an agency.

What options do you have?

If you suffer from diabetes, you have higher chances of qualifying for life insurance medical exam not required. These types of plans have a simplified underwriting process as they do not ask applicants to take any medical tests or examinations. In order to qualify for a plan, you have to complete a medical questionnaire. People with diabetes can be accepted for life coverage, unless they have been declared terminally ill (have less than 12 months to live).

No medical exam life insurance can help people cover important final expenses like funerals. Burial costs have risen in the last few years and many families have financial difficulties when burying their relatives.

Life insurance can help your family overcome financial difficulties if you pass away. No medical exam life insurance policies can offer temporary or permanent coverage and their simple underwriting process makes them a great choice for anyone who has a pre-existing medical condition.

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