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Category: Retirement

What is Term Life Insurance for Seniors ?

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For senior citizens, a term insurance for seniors policy is something that can help them obtain financial protection. People between the ages of 60 years to 85 years are eligible for senior term life insurance. If you are still working you can purchase an affordable term life insurance for seniors because you have to pay the monthly premium and you must have an income source for that. Term life insurance for seniors policies are very

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Life Insurance for Two – Joint Policies for Senior Citizens!

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Seniors life insurance can be expensive. If you are old, life insurance prices will increase to the point that some plans cannot be affordable. However, there is a solution! Financially modest senior couples can purchase a joint policy. Finding life insurance as a senior is not difficult. You can compare online life insurance quotes to find a provider. Some agencies will only insure you if you are under 65 years old. There are plans that

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Can Seniors Get Life Insurance if They Have a Terminal Disease?

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A person is declared terminally ill if it only has less than a year to live.  Some types of cancer, AIDS and several highly contagious diseases are terminal conditions. Hearing that you have been diagnosed with a fatal disease is certainly one of the worst things can happen to a person. In those moments, money count little, but still, economic consequences must not be neglected. Old persons that found themselves in this unpleasant situation must

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3 Advantages of Having Life Insurance for Seniors! |

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Being a senior is certainly complicated.  Being old makes our bodies act weird or to get exhausted quicker. Also, diseases are a common occurrence in elderly.  It is normal for a senior citizen to think more and more about life insurance and the post mortem future that must be secured for its family. We present you 3 advantages of having life insurance for seniors. 1)     Financial Security. Security is important, no matter the age.  If

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How To Get Life Insurance If Over 65 Years Old

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Life insurance 65 and over is available for seniors older than 65 years old, but getting a policy can be a challenge as these plans are expensive. However, they are accessible to seniors and cover important final expenses like funeral costs. Since no medical exam life insurance do not ask for medical tests, qualifying for a plan is easier for seniors who have pre-existing conditions. Do seniors need life insurance? It is usually believed that

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