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How To Get Life Insurance If Over 65 Years Old

Life insurance 65 and over is available for seniors older than 65 years old, but getting a policy can be a challenge as these plans are expensive. However, they are accessible to seniors and cover important final expenses like funeral costs. Since no medical exam life insurance do not ask for medical tests, qualifying for a plan is easier for seniors who have pre-existing conditions.

term-life-insurance-over-65Do seniors need life insurance?

It is usually believed that life insurance has to be bought by parents who want to financially protect their families in the eventuality of an unexpected death. However, life insurance can have multiple uses like covering funeral taxes and other last expenses.

An average funeral can cost over $10,000! Consider that burial costs are urgent and need to be paid as soon as possible. Funeral arrangements, since cost a lot of money, create many financial problems for families who need to borrow money so that they can properly burry their loved ones.

Since funeral costs are high, seniors may buy a life insurance plan I order o cover their funeral taxes and so, relieve their loved ones of a great financial expense. Seniors may also purchase coverage in order to protect their loved ones.

How to get life insurance if over 65 years old?

Seniors who are older than 65 years cannot get a traditional life insurance policy. Instead, they have to apply to policies that do not require medical examinations. An example is last expense insurance which is a policy that provides permanent coverage and it is specifically designed to cover last expenses.

In order to qualify for this type of coverage, seniors need to complete a simple medical questionnaire which consists of 4 questions. Seniors can qualify unless they have terminal diseases like cancer and AIDS.

In conclusion, life insurance is available, with certain restrictions, to seniors as well. Life insurance can help you cover funeral taxes and protect your loved ones.

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